Join us for Adult Belly Dancing Classes - Every Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 - 9:30pm, $15 per class

Class Description:

This class focuses on hip and torso articulation, learning the basic belly dance isolations, movements, and steps and building fine-tuned control of all the muscles involved to create beautiful, fluid movements to music.

For beginners, this class will provide a solid base for any style and for intermediate/advanced dancers, it will work on correcting, strengthening, and sharpening the existing technique.

As you learn these movements, you will also be taken through the cultural and musical background behind this dance for a truly well-rounded experience.

This class is meant for anyone who wants to learn how to move more fluidly and gracefully, develop rhythm, or just be able to move their hips as if they had a life of their own!

Belly dance also has the added bonus of developing a more positive body image and self-esteem in its practitioners, as it embraces all body types, ages, and genders.


About the teacher:

Yame was born and raised in Brazil (although she has been living in New Jersey for a long time). Being from a country where hip-focused dance is an integral part of the culture, she took naturally to belly dance when she began learning it a decade ago.

She has since trained regularly with some of the best belly dance teachers in New Jersey and taken workshops and private lessons with renowned dancers and master instructors from around the world.

Yame’s greatest passion is for passing on the knowledge she has gained over the years to all those who wish to learn it. In her classes, she is able to offer insights on culture and musicality while still focusing on clean and safe technique, providing a strong basis for learning this special dance!