Covid-19 Procedures - Shore Stars Dance Academy


This information will change if the laws and guidelines are changed in NJ and Monmouth County. It will be updated as often as needed to meet the requirements.

New Procedures for Class:

* Upon enrolling a child in any class, parents will agree to new waivers in their Parent Portal that include details regarding Covid-19 such as doing a daily health screening before they come to class, keeping their child home if they have a fever, are ill, and/or have been in close contact/proximity of anyone who has tested positive with COVID-19, alerting Shore Stars Dance Academy if there are any positive COVID-19 tests within the family, and if the dancer has been in close contact to someone awaiting test results or with a positive test result.

* Each dance room has been sectioned off into 6 foot boxes to keep dancers a safe distance from everyone while dancing.

* Class sizes will be small, only accommodating the amount of people that can safety remain in the 6 foot dancing box spaces. The purple studio can hold 10 dancers and 1 teacher. The blue studio can hold 7 dancers and 1 teacher.

* All staff will wear masks while teaching

* No food or drinks are permitted inside except water

* Only dancers can enter the building for safety, socially distancing, and because of the new restrictions on the number of people allowed in the building at once. The lobby will be closed to family members. The lobby is now reserved for the dancers to change from their street shoes to their dance shoes, to avoid street shoes on the dance floor.

* Dancers aged 2 and 3 can be accompanied by 1 adult per dancer. The adult must adhere to social distancing from others and must wear a mask at all times in the building.

* Parents will be given a Zoom link to the classes that their child is enrolled in so that they can watch the class live and so that if their dancers is going to miss class, stay home, or in quarantine they can still watch and participate via Zoom.

* Upon enrolling parents will agree to actively support the privacy and confidentiality of all students by never recording any of the online Zoom video classes and never posting images to social media of students other than their own child(ren) nor staff.

* Dancers must wear masks everywhere in the building. Masks can be removed only within their personal 6 foot dance box if they feel they are getting too hot or need a water break.

* All dancers and staff members will have their temperatures checked upon arrival. A person with a fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will not be able to stay.

* If anyone alerts Shore Stars Dance Academy that they have been in close proximity to someone with COVID-19 or tests positive themselves, Shore Stars will immediately report it to the Monmouth County Health Department and follow the exact steps and guidelines that the Health Department tells us to in regards to alerting other families, possible closure of the studio for a period of time, etc.

* Dancers will keep their belongings in their personal dance box with them for the entire class. We will not be using or sharing the cubbies.

* Dancers can’t bring in anything else from home except their water bottles, dance shoes, and dance bag.

* Staff and students will be required to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands upon entering and leaving the building.

* Each room is equipped with hand sanitizer, gloves, extra masks, and disinfectant cleaning supplies.

* The lobby and both studios will be cleaned between every class.

* The restrooms will be cleaned after every use. The front office staff will monitor all bathroom usage and disinfect all high touch areas such as light switches, handles, the sink, and the toilet after any dancer or staff member uses the restroom.

* Extra time has been allotted between most dance classes to allow for cleaning and to eliminate a large amount of people in the building at once. Please do not arrive early or be late in picking up your dancer.

* The staff will monitor the dancers’ exit from the building and only allow a child outside if the parent is waiting outside or the staff member can see the parent waiting in the car.

* There will be no sharing of props or equipment between dancers during class. If individual props or mats are used they will be fully disinfected after their single use.

* If your child is absent we will not be allowing in-person make-up classes in other classes. If your child cannot attend their regular class in person or on Zoom they can do a make-up Zoom class with another class. You must email your request for the make-up Zoom link from the main office staff.

* If we are governed by Monmouth County or the state of New Jersey to once again close and go fully remote you will be given different options for Zoom classes and tuition payments, pro-rates, or refunds.