Tuition and Dress Code - Shore Stars Dance Academy


* Tuition is an all-inclusive price and includes: all lessons, prizes, notebooks, trophies, medals, coloring pages, stickers, use of the library, holiday gifts, and more. Tuition is not a “per class” cost. It is equal payments to cover all the things mentioned above that your child is getting from their experience at Shore Stars. Tuition is a two month commitment at a time.

* RATES (for September 2022 through June 2023):

Dancing 45 minutes each week: $130 covers two months

Dancing 1 hour each week: $140 covers two months

Dancing 1 1/4 hours each week: $160 covers two months

Dancing 1 1/2 hours each week: $190 covers two months

Dancing 1 3/4 hours each week: $220 covers two months

Dancing 2 hours each week: $250 covers two months

Dancing more than 2 hours each week see office staff for discount

* These payments will be charged to your credit card on file in our Parent Portal on 9/1, 11/1, 1/1, 3/1, and 5/1. If enrolling after the start of a tuition cycle your tuition amount will be calculated and charged within 3 days of enrollment.

* Each tuition payment is a commitment to two months of dance. Tuition can not be refunded once paid. We also cannot pro-rate tuition for absences. If you are absent you are always welcome to schedule a make-up class.

* You can cancel your dance lessons anytime before a new 2 month session/payment begins.

* $35 non-refundable registration fee due upon enrollment

* Tuition does NOT include anything for the end of year recital. Recital payments and options will be discussed when we begin planning the recital.

* Register in the Parent Portal


Our mandatory class uniform helps the teacher see the silhouette of the body to make any necessary corrections to ensure safe/proper execution of all dance steps. This uniform also creates a sense of belonging, pride, & discipline as they learn the art of dance. We only use the best companies for shoes because they are well-made, stronger, and safer for our dancer’s feet & ankles. They also will not scuff or damage our dance floors. Your uniform will be explained and available upon registration into the classes of your choice.