Policies - Shore Stars Dance Academy


* NO registration fees!

* The dance year runs from September through June. Payments are $160 every 10 weeks

* If taking more than one class there is a 10% discount for each additional class

* Free make-up classes for any absences

* Register on the Parent Portal in person or online at ShoreStarsDance.com

Tuition includes:

* Thematic lessons

* Coloring/activity pages related to the lessons

* Stickers and notes from your instructor in your progress notebook at every class

* Unlimited use of the dance library

* Online access to new practice songs/videos

* Studio-wide contests & prizes

* Parent Participation Weeks

* Progress Charts of skills learned

Dress Code…

Our mandatory dress code helps the teacher see the silhouette of the body to make any necessary corrections to ensure safe/proper execution of all dance steps. This uniform also creates a sense of belonging, pride, & discipline as they learn the art of dance. We only use the best companies because they are well-made, stronger, and safer for our dancers’ feet & ankles. They also will not scuff or damage our dance floors. We do not carry or recommend used/hand-me-down shoes since they are made to mold to an individual’s unique foot and can break down easily with wear and tear. The following are mandatory and can be purchased at Shore Stars:

All Ballerina Levels

1. Black Shore Stars Logo Leotard (any style)           Child  $35       Adult $40

2. Revolution No Lace Split Sole Ballet Slippers        Sizes 8C-2A     $22     Sizes 3A-13A  $25

3. Revolution Taps (see staff for required style)      Sizes 8C-2.5A  $25     Sizes 3A-13A  $30

4. Revolution Caramel Footed Dance Tights             $10

5. Optional: Black Ballet Skirt or Shorts                     Skirt $12     Shorts $15

6. Optional: Black Wrap Dance Sweater                    $30

All Gymstars

1. Black Shore Stars Logo Leotard (any style)           Child $35   Adult $40

2. Revolution Caramel Footed Dance Tights             $10

3. Caramel Jazz Boot                                                      Sizes 12C-2.5A    $37     Sizes 3A-13A   $42

4. Optional: Black Dance Shorts                                  $15

5. Optional: Black Wrap Dance Sweater                    $30

All Hip Hop Crews

1. Revolution High Top Hip Hop Sneaker                   $30

2. Shore Stars Hip Hop Crew Shirt                               $15

3. Black Bottoms (any style – leggings, shorts, etc)   (you supply your own)


1. Black Shore Stars Logo Leotard (any style)            Child  $35       Adult $40

2. Revolution Caramel Footed Dance Tights              $10

3. See instructor for required shoes & other attire needs

Boys Taking Ballet or Gymstars

1. Black Ballet/Tap/Jazz Shoes                                       $ varies (see all prices listed above)

2. Black Sweatpants or Athletic Pants                          (you supply your own)

3. Solid White T-shirt                                                       (you supply your own)

Performances and Recital…

Throughout the year we offer optional performances such as parades, nursing home shows, community events, and more. Each activity is open to ALL Shore Stars dancers and is completely optional. We invite you to pick and choose whatever events work for your family throughout the year. Specific information will be e-mailed and advertised at the studio for each event. In June we have an optional recital for all dancers. It is very unique celebration with friends and family! The event begins with the show, then an elegant breakfast buffet and dessert, and then we have a party with a DJ playing music and games for all guests to enjoy together.


Our primary source of communication is through e-mail, Facebook, and posters at the studio. It is your responsibility to read all e-mails from Shore Stars Dance Academy to stay informed and up to date with school happenings.

Attire & Additional Information…

We suggest that all classes (beginning around age 4) be a drop-off/pick-up program to help eliminate distractions, noise, crowding, and to encourage self-discipline and independence.  If you choose to stay please keep the noise to a minimum to allow teachers and dancers to concentrate and get the most out of their training. Please, however, be in the lobby at the conclusion time of your child’s class as your child’s safety is our top priority and we will not allow a child outside without a parent/guardian. Please call us or e-mail if someone new is picking up your children or if you are running late. Thank you!