Tuition and Dress Code - Shore Stars Dance Academy


* Tuition is an all-inclusive price and includes: all lessons, prizes, recital fees, recital costumes, pins, notebooks, trophies, coloring pages, stickers, use of the library, birthday gifts, holiday gifts, and more. Tuition is not a “per class” cost. If some months have fewer classes than others, the tuition cost remains the same (equal payments) to cover all the things mentioned above that your child is getting from their experience at Shore Stars.

* RATES (for September 2019 through June 2020):

Taking 1 class each week:     $150 every two months

Taking 2 classes each week: $200 every two months

Taking 3 classes each week: $250 every two months

* These payments will be charged to your credit card on file in our Parent Portal on 9/1/19, 11/1/19, 1/1/20, 3/1/20, and 5/1/20. If enrolling after 9/1/19 your tuition will be calculated and charged within 3 days of enrollment.

* Each tuition payment is a commitment to two months of dance. Tuition can not be refunded once paid. We also cannot pro-rate tuition for absences. If you are absent you are always welcome to schedule a make-up class.

* You can cancel your dance lessons anytime before a new 2 month session/payment begins.

* Register in the Parent Portal


Our mandatory class uniform helps the teacher see the silhouette of the body to make any necessary corrections to ensure safe/proper execution of all dance steps. This uniform also creates a sense of belonging, pride, & discipline as they learn the art of dance. We only use the best companies for shoes because they are well-made, stronger, and safer for our dancer’s feet & ankles. They also will not scuff or damage our dance floors. Your uniform will be explained and available upon registration into the classes of your choice.