At Shore Stars Dance Academy we give our youngest students a loving and comfortable environment where they can grow and develop lifelong skills.

Your dancer will experience the joy of music, rhythm, song, and dance while participating in our dance program and dance classes here in Wall, NJ.

Through dance your child will learn to participate in a class setting, make new friends, develop their social skills, learn new vocabulary, increase their physical and mental development, and improve balance, coordination, agility, and fine/gross motor skills.

All dance classes for the 2 1/2 - 5 age group include:

  • An introduction to basic dance skills and terminology
  • The use of props such as wands, scarves, parachutes, obstacle courses, mats, and musical instruments
  • Stretching and body awareness activities
  • Singing and dancing to different songs and musical styles
  • Theme weeks
  • Parent observation weeks and parent participation weeks
  • One costume for the two routines in the annual recital (optional participation in recital)
  • Optional participation in community performances throughout the year


Please see our Schedule tab above for the different dance classes we offer for ages 2 1/2 - 5