June 4, 2017: Classes in this recital: Saturday 11:30 jazz/gymnastics, Thursday 4:45 tap/ballet Thursday 4:45 hip hop/musical theater, Thursday 5:45 tap/ballet, Monday 6:30 jazz/gymnastics, Saturday 10:30 tap/ballet

June 11, 2017: Classes in this recital: Tuesday 4:45 tap/ballet, Tuesday 4:45 hip hop, Tuesday 5:45 jazz/musical theater, Tuesday 6:45 hip hop

June 25, 2017: Classes in this recital: Monday 7:30 jazz/hip hop, Monday 4:30 tap/ballet, Saturday 9:30 tap/ballet, Wednesday 4:30 tap/ballet, Monday 5:45 boys hip hop, Tuesday 7:45 duet, Wednesday 6:30 lyrical


  • The address for the Waterview Pavilion is 800 River Road (Highway 35) Belmar, NJ 07719
  • Doors open at 9am for all guests and dancers.
  • Dancers should arrive already dressed in costume, recital tights, and wearing street shoes.  They will bring only their LABELED dance shoes (name or initials) into the dressing room. Upon arrival dancers will be immediately escorted upstairs to the dressing room by an employee or older dancer. For the safety and organization of the show we cannot allow anyone upstairs except the dancers and employees, so please make sure their hair and make-up is already done (make-up is optional). Hair can be worn however you want but must include the hair accessory that came with the costume (if applicable).  Please do not add any additional hair accessories or jewelry to the costume. Please do not send your child with anything else for backstage.
  • The show will only last approximately one hour and all dancers will stay with our staff for the entire show. After the show we will escort them to your table for the party.
  • Upon arrival all non-dancers/family will find their seats.  Seating is assigned by table and your table number was given to you in class on your "Recital Fun Facts" sheet. There are no actual paper tickets this year. Please inform all of your guests of the table number before they arrive. Once at your table you can relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, and socialize until the show starts.
  • The show will begin as soon as everyone is in and seated. During the show you are welcome to re-position your seat for a better view and even stand along the walls as long as you are not blocking someone else’s view or distracting to the dancers. Please try to not move or get up once a dance has started.
  • Videotaping is prohibited. A professional DVD is available for $35. Please make sure all of your guests understand this rule as it will be extremely intimidating and distracting for the dancers if multiple phones and cameras are on them while they are trying to dance. If you did not originally order a DVD and would like one please let us know after the recital.
  • After the show the dancers will go upstairs to collect their things and will be brought to your table. Once all of the dancers are with their families we will call you by table # to the buffet.
  • If your dancer does not want to wear their costume for the entire event, they are welcome to change into an outfit with their recital t-shirt. Please keep it with you at your table until the show is over. 
  • Then until 1pm…..we eat, we dance, we party, and we celebrate a wonderful year as SHORE STARS!!