Exclusively for children in their kindergarten year of school

Kindergarten is such a monumental and important milestone year in your child’s life. At Shore Stars Dance Academy we honor and celebrate this age with a Kindergarten themed dance program. Our Kinderstars classes will incorporate this new journey in your child’s life with school related themes, props, songs and activities in addition to the basic steps and terminology of dance.

Worried that your child might be too tired to dance or overwhelmed by their new schedule?

Here are 3 CRUCIAL reasons why your kindergartener should keep dancing:

  1. Familiarity: Shore Stars is somewhere they feel confident and loved and are accustomed to. When everything else seems new in their life it’s great to have a place they know and are confident at.
  1. Support: They are in class with only kindergarteners. We talk about kindergarten and the activities and songs discuss school to help them along during this milestone year.
  1. YOU: You as the parent get to talk about kindergarten in the lobby with all other parents of kindergarteners. You can help each other, share stories, ask questions, and create bonds with other families going through the new journey of starting school together.

We offer two Kinderstars classes:

Kinderstars Ballet & Tap

This class is highly recommended as a first choice for dancers as it develops essential motor skills and strength all while keeping your child interested and excited with imagination, creative play, and story telling to increase learning and memory. Your dancer will feel graceful, beautiful, and strong while developing timing, rhythm, agility, and coordination.

Kinderstars Jazz & Gymnastics

This is an upbeat class with lots of energy and fast paced movements. Your child will learn the basic steps and terminology of jazz dancing. Your dancer will also develop muscle strength, balance, and flexibility while learning the basics of tumbling and balance beam.

The curriculum for each Kinderstars class was developed to provide effective, safe, progressive, and developmentally appropriate learning at the child’s current physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive level.