Age 4 to 12 - Shore Stars Dance Academy

Dance classes for all abilities and interests

The benefits of dance for your child…

Your child’s confidence and self-pride are our #1 priority. Dance will make your child feel talented and proud of themselves which will keep their self-esteem and happiness high (which is often a common struggle for school age children)

It is never too late to learn the art of dance and start your child on a path of pride, confidence, and high self esteem!

“My daughter is always saying “Mommy watch this! Mom check out my moves!” and I don’t always know if the moves are right but I do know that she is so proud of herself and so happy to be dancing. It’s exactly what I want for her.” mom Jenn daughter Charlie age 8

“Connor has autism and can sometimes lose focus or interest very easily. Dance helps his stay focused longer and feel like he is doing something important and meaningful. He is happy at Shore Stars and looks forward to coming every week.” Mom Stacy Connor age 10


See our Class Schedule for all of the different class options for your child!