Preschool Stars

(for children who are age 2 ½ and up and not yet in kindergarten)
A loving and comfortable environment

Preschool Classes

At Shore Stars Dance Academy we give our youngest students a loving and comfortable environment where they can grow and develop lifelong skills.

Your dancer will experience the joy of music, rhythm, song, and dance while participating in our dance program and dance classes here in Wall, NJ.

Through dance your child will learn to participate in a class setting, make new friends, develop their social skills, learn new vocabulary, increase their physical and mental development, and improve balance, coordination, agility, and fine/gross motor skills.

All dance classes for the preschool age group include:

  • An introduction to basic dance skills and terminology
  • The use of props such as wands, scarves, parachutes, obstacle courses, mats, and musical instruments
  • Stretching and body awareness activities
  • Singing and dancing to different songs and musical styles
  • Monthly themes

“For my child this is the perfect class setting. She is safe, there is structure, and she is learning and laughing with her dance friends”.
– Mom Jessica daughter Sophia age 3

“I love that my daughter is taking class independently and I can watch her from the monitor in the lobby while chatting with the other moms. It really is a family centered studio.”
– Mom Samantha daughter Ava age 2.5

In this program your child will begin their dance journey with the basic steps of tap and ballet in a small class with a supportive and encouraging teacher.

Your dancer will participate in well designed lessons that incorporate pretend play, creativity, self expression, and the use of their imagination since this is how preschoolers learn best, stay focused, and retain information at this age.

Your child will get to dance, twirl, and explore with age appropriate songs, stories, props, and activities.

Every week your child will take home a new coloring page, a special sticker, and a note from their teacher to reinforce the skills learned in class and to bring their new love of dance home with them.

Developmental benefits include body awareness, poise, rhythm, coordination, timing, strength, and balance.

“Don’t worry mom, I’m doing great as a Preschool Star. I’m building my confidence, making friends, and learning dance in a creative and imaginative way!”

Not sure if your child is ready for dance yet?

We have a well designed “Separation System” to help your child separate from you and feel confident to take class all by themselves. We also have a money back guarantee. Click on contact us above and request more information. We will gladly e-mail you all the details if you’re interested in learning more about our “Separation System” and our money back guarantee.

A note from the director:

“As a teacher and a mom myself I completely understand how precious your child is to you. I am passionate about introducing your child to the wonderful benefits of dance in a way that will always feel positive and instills pride and happiness in their life. I promise to always provide a welcoming and nurturing environment where your child can overcome their fears and doubts and grow into a self sufficient, eager, and confident preschooler as they prepare to head off to kindergarten and their school days ahead.”

Please see our Schedule tab above for the different dance classes we offer for ages 2 ½ and up.