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Beginner teens always welcome!
Confidence and Pride

Teen Dance Classes

It’s never too late to learn to dance!

The teenage years can be difficult and full of transition. At Shore Stars Dance Academy we support our teens, help them feel confident, talented, and proud of themselves. They develop good work ethic, friendships, and strength.

Dance Class Options for Teens:


Your teen will feel beautiful and proud while they learn to dance with grace and control. Develop poise, coordination, flexibility, body awareness, and muscle strength.


Your teen will learn the basics of Tap dancing which includes timing, matching beats, and rhythm work. Tap helps children learn to focus and control their energy and movements into creative songs and patterns. Make music with your feet!


In Jazz your child will dance to energetic and age appropriate music. Your dancer will learn fast paced movements that help them burn off some energy and steam. It’s a great workout that develops core strength and muscle control. Jazz is great for self expression and becoming more confident and outgoing.

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