Special Needs

Music, rhythm, and hip hop style dancing in a fun, supportive atmosphere.

Classes combine music, rhythm, and dancing into a fun and supportive atmosphere. Classes effectively accommodate individual learning differences and improve outcomes for individuals with different disorders or learning differences. Our instructors are trained and certified in the Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Program, designed specifically for students with special needs.

Your child will begin with private lessons with our certified dance instructor. We want to get to know your child first and create an individualized approach for their success in a group class. Call us to schedule a free trial lesson 732-359-8606.


  • Gross/fine motor skills
  • Body control and awareness
  • Social skills
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Focus and attention
  • Motor planning
  • Memory and recall
  • Coordination
  • Self regulation
  • Communication skills
  • Self expression
  • Creativity
  • Imitation and muscle memory
  • Encouragement and personal attention
  • FUN!